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The 9/11 Student-Journalism Project and participating members have recently been featured in various news stories.  You can find the links to these stories on this page.  By sharing these articles, we hope to help you better understand the project and get an inside look of its development.

The news articles:
Melissa Hayes of The Record wrote about the class on

Ken Branson's story about the class on Rutgers Focus.'s story by Ann O'Neill about The 9/1 project shortly after Osama bin Laden was killed during the summer.

Additionally, four college students in The 9/11 Project course wrote personal accounts about what they learned from the course and the killing of Osama bin Laden:
Megan Schuster
Jennifer Lilonsky
David Seamon
Travis Fedschun's Ann O'Neill came to Rutgers from Atlanta and interviewed a majority of the students in the 9/11 Project course. She wrote a searing and sensitive story taken from combined excerpts and intensive interviews with the students in the 9/11 Project course. Read her story here. It ran as the lead story on and received 550,000 hits the first day it ran, Sept. 7, 2011. Ann also wrote an intimate sidebar of her experiences in New Brunswick when she came to the Rutgers campus in August to interview the students -- and one of the 9/11 families. The sidebar is here.

The Rutgers Daily Targum, one of the campus student newspapers, ran a story about The 9/11 Project on its website when the course was still being conducted. Then, more recently, the Targum ran an update about the 9/11 project. It appeared on Sept. 7, 2011. Click here to read it.

The editor-in-chief of the Targum is Mary Diduch, who also happened to be a student in the 9/11 Project. Ms. Diduch covered a story about Gina DeFazio, who had a great deal of difficulty dealing with the death of her father in 9/11. Read the story here.

The Star-Ledger ran the story of Jacqueline D'Ambrosi, whose father, Jack, died in the World Trade Center. It was written by Krystle Rich, one of the students in the 9/11 Project course. Read the story here.

Sarah Morrison's article on Drew DePalma appeared in the Metuchen-Edison Sentinel.

The Hunterdon County Democrat ran Megan Schuster's article on the P.J. Hargrave family. Ms. Schuster was video'd describing her experiences in conducting the interview. Read her story here. It also ran here in

The News Transcript of Monmouth County ran Jennifer Lilonsky's story about Corbin Mayo, who was 11 when 9/11 happened. He and his dad, Robert, were true Giants fans, and the last note that Corbin's father left for Corbin about the game was something that Corbin cherished. Ms. Lilonsky's story also ran in the Asbury Park Press.

Terek Pierce of Ru-TV created a video about the 9/11 Project. It shows interviews with some of the students in the course and a brief description of the goals of the course by the instructor, Ron Miskoff. Mr. Pierce's story was also featured in Rutgers Today.

Jason Scharch, an honors student, made a 20-plus minutes-long video about the course. The video was part of his senior thesis. You can watch it here. David Seamon, a student in the 9/11 project course, wrote the music.

Nancy Santucci interviewed the Nelson sisters of Clark, daughters of a Port Authority policeman who died in the World Trade Center on Sept. 11, 2001. They said they have found solace at America’s Camp in Massachusetts. Read Ms. Santucci's story from here.

Travis Fedschun did a series of videos describing the effects of 9/11 on the families and others who experienced that day. He brought together the Children of 9/11, the memorials and the gardens, and the people who experienced Sept. 11.  See them here and here.

Karin Oxford wrote about the Salamone family of North Caldwell and their efforts to manage their grief. The story appeared in

Ciara Copell interviewed Rebecca Raub of Saddle River whose father William perished in 9/11. Rebecca looks just like her dad, Ms. Copell reports. Read the story on

Joe Kuchie wrote about Kelly Larson who was only 9 when her father died in the World Trade Center. She was a student then at St. John Vianney in the Colonia section of Woodbridge. Read Mr. Kuchie's story here.

Olivia Prentzel's story about the Stewart family of Montclair involved a legal battle over the remains of the father who died in the World Trade Center. Read Ms. Prentzel's story here.

Catherine Carrera wrote about Todd Ouida in The Parent Paper. Todd's father Herbert set up a memorial foundation for his son who died in 9/11. Read the story here.

Melissa Hayes, a reporter from the Record (Bergen County) attended a special session held for the students in the 9/11 Project course on Sept. 13, 2011. Students described their stories and the video about the course was shown. Ms. Hayes' story appears here.

If you can read Chinese, a story about the 9/11 Project was published in China. Read it here. It was written by Zhang Ziyu, and questions were asked via email. We are seeking a translation. Anyone?

The public radio station, WHYY, conducted an interview with Ron Miskoff, the course instructor, and Jennifer Lilonsky, a student in the 9/11 Project course. Another guest was heard first. To get to the part about the 9/11 project, move the slider to about 24 minutes into the interview.


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